The learning process will use a one-on-one instructional strategy where the students will be guided by tutors or instructors every three days of the week. The rest of the week will be used for application of the concepts and principles learn in class with online assistance by the tutors. In order to gauge the progress of the learning program, the students will take regular quizzes focusing on the understanding and application of the learning program. The pillar of this instructional learning process is the set or group of objectives laid down to ensure progress and advancement.

The first set of objectives concerns access and security of the learning system. Since the system is computer-based, the stakeholders aim to ensure ease of access for the students/learners. In addition, the designers of this learning program aim to ensure that the learning system is secure. Security will be ensured using password protection whereby the learners and tutors will be required to input unique codes to gain access. This security measure ensures the credibility and safety of the information contained in the learning system. Implementation of the ARCS technique in this stage ensures that access to the system and its security arouses the participants’ attention, is relevant to the context and content, motivates confidence in the system, and leads to their satisfaction.

The second set of objectives relates to the information that is contained in the system. It should be easy to understand, an aspect ensured by proper presentation and formatting of information. Moreover, information contained in the system should be engaging. This is ensured through the quizzes found at the end of each chapter, meant to determine the understanding of the learner and the effectiveness of the tutor. Using the ARCS model, this set of goals and objectives is gauged to ensure that the information contained in the system attracts the attention of the learner, is relevant, motivates confidence in the students, and satisfies their learning needs.

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