Describe and discuss the impact of Greco-Roman influence upon the development of religious architecture.

Be sure to reference at least one specific example (primary source) of buildings, friezes, Christian art, and/or engineering techniques, to illustrate your conclusions. You must discuss in detail the historical context of religious architecture in Medieval Period. Format: All papers must be between 900-1000 original words – i.e. no long direct quotations — in length. Also for full credit all papers must be double spaced, typed with 1” margins and include a heading, in text citation, and an external works cited page. Headings should include basic information such as the student’s name, the course, and a Paper Title. All research and citations must be accurate and in appropriate MLA format (please see the syllabus section on plagiarism and effective citation) Please Note: Headings and Works cited DOES NOT count towards the required word count!