Describe and analyse centrifugal and axial flow pumps, fans and compressors

Describe elements of a centrifugal compressor, principles of operation, variation of pressure and velocity. Entrance velocity triangles, velocity triangles at the eye hub and the tip, pre rotation and pre-whirl. Describe diffusers (vanned and vaneless) and volute casing. Describe Degree of Reaction(R), effects of exit blade angle, different vane shape and their characteristics. Explain actual characteristics of a centrifugal compressor, slip and slip coefficient and energy transfer (power input factor & loading coefficient), surging and chocking. Describe work done and efficiency, work done factor, effect of reaction ratio on velocity triangles and radial equilibrium conditions for an axial flow compressor. Describe the concepts for blade design for an axial flow compressor (free vortex flow, forced vortex flow and constant reaction blade) and blade design procedure for the single air foil theory. Explain pump losses, efficiencies and work done, pre-rotation slip and slip coefficient and minimum starting speed in a centrifugal pump. Explain concepts of multistage pumps, pumps in series, parallel and casing types. Explain the phenomenon of cavitation, its effects and prevention and the concept of priming. Describe the work done in an axial flow compressor. Apply the concepts to solve problems.

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