Dental Hygienist

What are the educational requirements for this worker’s profession. Different types of educational

institutions offering the program. What is the exact length of time and approximate cost of the education
required? List degrees or certifications earned.

III. Employment

Job availability (what and where?) Growth trends in the field Number of jobs advertised in the
Sunday Herald, and other sources. Experience/No Experience required. Salaries – Entry level
and with experience. Advancement opportunities, with or without additional education
IV. Professional Activities

Local/State/National Professional Organizations Professional journals
with address to obtain and cost. Is continuing education available and expected in the profession /
occupation. Are continuing educational units (CEUs) required for this profession? If so how many and
how often?

Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. What did you discover in
your exploration of this healthcare field? What did you find meaningful and important to you?



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