. Define the term trademark and explain three main qualities it must meet in order to be registered

1a. Define the following terms: (2 Marks) i. Ethics ii. Intellectual property b. Differentiate between privacy, secrecy and confidentiality. (6 Marks) c. There are five aspects of invasion of privacy. List and explain them, giving examples of each. (10 Marks) d. Describe the three main remedies to copyright infringement. (6 Marks) e. Define the term trademark and explain three main qualities it must meet in order to be registered. (6 Marks)QUESTION TWO – 20 MARKSa. Explain the following forms of computer misuse by programmers through pornography (6 Marks) i. Trickery ii. Illegal computer operations iii. Social engineering b. Define the term profession, and explain the importance of professional code of conduct to a profession. (4 Marks) c. Describe the following defenses to copyright infringement. (10 Marks) i. Fair use ii. Copyright invalidity iii. Fraud on the copyright office (inequitable conduct) iv. Limitation2v. LachesQUESTION THREE – 20 MARKSThe Computer Misuse act 1990 Computer Crime (Scotland) Act 1987 adequately addresses the computer hacking menace. Discuss highlighting possible penalties. (20 Marks)QUESTION FOUR – 20 MARKSa. Define the term telecommuting and explain: (10 Marks) i. Four benefits to the employee (telecommuter) ii. Four benefits to the employer b. Describe five core principles of privacy protection according to HEW report. (10 Marks)QUESTION FIVE – 20 MARKSa. Describe repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and explain what should be done in a computing environment to improve it in order to prevent RSI. (6 Marks) b. In order to define trade secrets in a business or industrial setting Megarry VC (1969) formulated requirements to be satisfied if information was to be regarded as confidential. Describe these requirements. (6 Marks) c. Data subjects are individuals who are the subject of the personal data. Briefly describe four rights of the data subjects. (8 Marks)

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