Debating All gender bathrooms: how should we recognise rights?


In 2017 article, the Macquarie University Equality and Diversity team noted that all-gender facilities should and will become available on campus. This has not been implemented yet. The debate topic is the following statement: By Semester 2 2020, single cubicle all-gender bathrooms should be available at several central campus locations. You are debating both sides of the topic This is a situated real life ethical/political situation. Please note, the debate is inviting you to discuss a timeframe, questions of priority and resource. We are not debating the guidance by the Equality and Diversity team as such, but how and by when it should be implemented. The below website article MUST be used As well as the 2 attached PDFS. You are to provide 2 other scholarly resources. All together there will be a minimum of 5 resources in this debating essay