Curation Project Elevator Pitches

Topic: Curation Project Elevator Pitches

Paper details:

An elevator pitch is a brief statement designed to summarize and explain a product, a service, an organization, research, or even yourself as a job candidate. The name “elevator pitch” refers to the idea that it should be focused enough to be delivered quickly (within the span of an elevator ride) and intriguing enough to inspire continued conversation once the elevator ride is over.

For this assignment, you will write a series of three elevator pitches to be shared with your group members as you try to to settle on a research area for your collaborative curation project.

Pitch FOUR different topics to your group. Each pitch should include a few sentences that address the following questions.

What is your topic (this should be smaller subset of the big topic of intellectual property in the age of the internet)? Who is your audience? What is your purpose (what do you want your audience to do/know/think/feel)? How will Storify help you reach this audience and achieve this purpose (in a way a traditional research paper could not)?

As you develop your pitches, consider issues raised throughout the course as well as how Lawrence Lessig’s “REMIX: How Creativity to is Being Strangled by the Law,” “Tales from the Public Domain,” Yochai Benkler’s “On Sharing Nicely,” and Martine Courant Rife, Shaun Slattery, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss’s introduction to the book Copy(right) might help you think through some smaller topics under the umbrella of intellectual property in the age of the internet.

For information about how to use Storify, see this short screencast: (Links to an external site.)

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