DIRECTIONS. • Use at least one of the texts assigned in this unit (see the list below) as a “springboard” for joining the conversation—i.e., opening your own line of inquiry and investigation by posing your own question (as we practiced in class). Put to use discussions within our sources or in class about information literacy, critical thinking (especially analysis, evaluation, and synthesis), and construct an answer to your question. • Select at least four sources to integrate into your discussion that you locate via research. Rhetorical choices about genre, purpose, and audience are yours to make—but for this project we are focusing on genres in the public discourse: the profile, the commentary, the op-ed/opinion piece, an idea piece. I’m also open to multimodal projects like podcasts or videos. The same directions to integrate four sources will apply; first-hand field research (such as conducting your own interview) can count as a source.