Criminal network


Identify the ‘strategic players in your network using as many measures of brokerage that are appropriate for your data (e.g. betweenness centrality, constraint, Gould-Fernandez brokerage roles). Bear in mind that all of these measures might not be appropriate, or needed for everyone’s network. In particular, the G&F brokerage roles measures should only be used where data on groups is available as attribute data, or where you can extrapolate and create your own group attribute data based on certain network characteristics or background information that you can find about how your nodes group together. It is up to you to decide whether this is possible/necessary. Provide commentary on the implications of your findings. In what ways do these brokers contribute to overall network activities, and is this strategic positioning significant/important in the context of your network? this is the article: Walther, Olivier J., and Dimitris Christopoulos (2015), “Islamic terrorism and the Malian rebellion.” Terrorism and Political Violence, 27 (3), 497-519