Creating a Human Resources Web Page

Creating a Human Resources Web Page


As firms attempt to help employees balance work and family life (and as employees become aware that personal and family life stresses affect performance at work), Human Resources departments sponsor and array of programs and provide information on myriad subjects.

However, some people might be uncomfortable asking for help, either because the problem is embarrassing (who wants to admit needing help to deal with drug abuse, domestic violence, or addiction to gambling?) or because focusing on nonwork issues (for example, child care) might lead others to think they aren€â€žÂ¢t serious about their jobs. The Web allows organizations to post information that employees can access privately from anywhere, at any time.

For this discussion topic, create a Web page that could be posted by Human Resources to help employees with any one of the challenges they might face at work, whether in a large or small organization, government (including military) or civilian, home or abroad.

Possible topics include:

Appreciating an ethnic or other heritage
Buying (and financing) a home or car
Caring for dependents: child care; helping a child learn to read; living with teenagers, elder care, among others
Staying healthy and fit: exercise opportunities, yoga, massage, diet
Reducing stress
Interest groups: reading, professional topics, etc.
Dressing for success
Financial management
Retirement planning
Vacation and getaway planning
Assume that this page can be accessed from one or more of the organization€â€žÂ¢s web pages.

Provide at least five links to resources on the Web in addition to the information you provide on the page. Provide at least three visuals (Google Images is a good way to search for visuals).

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