Create a program that asks a player to guess a number

1. Create a program that asks a player to guess a number, the application generates a random number, display a message indicating whether the players guess was correct, too high, or too low. Add a loop that continuously prompts the user for the number, indicating whether the guess is high or low, until the user enters the correct value. After the user correctly guesses the number, display a count of the number of attempt it took. Enhance the game so the player has to pick a number between 1 and 1,000. Once the player has figured out the corret number, ask if they would like to play again using the Scanner class. If yes, restart the game with a new random number. If not, use the System.out.printIn(); method to display a message that thanks the user for playing the game. Save the file as
2. The following are serviced offered by a hair salon, including its prices and times: Cut – $8 15 minutes, Shampoo – $4 10 minutes, Manicure – $18 30 minutes, Style – $48 55 minutes, Permanent – $18 35 minutes, Trim – $6 5 minutes. Create a class that holds the service description, price, and the number of minutes it takes to perform the service. Include a constructor that requires arguments for all three data fields and three get methods that each return one of the data fields values. Save the class as

Also, write an application named SalonReport that contains an array to hold six Service objects, and fill it with the data from the Service class. Include methods to sort the array in ascending order by each of the data fields. Prompt the user for the preferred sort order, and display the list of services in the requested order. Enhance the program by displaying a menu that asks the user how they want to sort the services menu. 1) Sort by Service Description, 2) Sort by Price, 3) Sort by Time (Minutes), or 0) to Exit. Add a dowhile () loop that keeps prompting the user for the next preffered sort order until the user finally chooses 0 to exit. Save the program as SalonReport.jav

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