Country profile of Russia

Country profile of Russia Part 1


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PART 1 1. Cover page to include your name, date, class as well as some sort of interesting colorful graphic, at the bottom of the cover page include your brief abstract 2. 5 pages of text and embedded graphics covering all topics in outline–make sure that your 5 pages of text and graphics include your name on each page (DO NOT GO OVER 5 PAGES) 3. Make sure that you use topic headlines in your writing style for the 5 pages of text, it is very difficult to grade a paper that just rambles around the outline topics without any organization 3. References in APA format on separate page 4. Submit your cover page, report and references ( to total 7 pages) in the country profile folder for PART 1 in the country profile tab of your blackboard shell 5. PART 1 TOPIC OUTLINE GLOBAL BUSINESS COUNTRY PROFILE (PART 1) DESCRIPTION OF COUNTRY • HISTORY AND ORIGIN *Political and religious background *Conflicts current and past • GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION * Longitude and latitude *Maps • STATISTICAL DEMOGRAPHICS *Population, age, income, educations, values and norm *Current Immigration Policy • GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURE ( Political System) *Past and current *Political Risk • MILITARY AND TRADE STRUCTURE *Strategic Alliances and Treaty memberships *Armed strength and weapons capabilitie