Consultancy Mission for Bart & Jones company

Consultancy Mission for Bart & Jones company.

The key objectives is to adopt a strong project-oriented approach, being able to work in a collaborative way accordingly with the customer specifications (Bart & Jones:
– To put in practice market research techniques;
– To analyze the market research results and to provide effective recommendations for Bart & Jones to establish itself in Europe and The MENA market)

The Project:
Defining the underlying issues, project sector and framework of Bart & Jones publishing company followed by a Market Research phase (qualitative and quantitative).
* To carry out a MARKET RESEARCH
– A data collection and data analysis methodology: The type of tasks may include pre-tests or post-tests based on a communication campaign or marketing project. The work should include data collection, analyzing results and providing related recommendations in a written report.

The written report should contain:
– A detailed summary of the assignment: for whom, which sector, objectives
– An analysis of information already available and importance of primary data needs;
– Defining a methodology with: variables, sampling, data collection methods, analysis methodology;
– An accurate analysis of the results obtained;
– Recommendations for the client Bart & Jones
– A digital support complete with collected data and a written report plus an executive summary.
– Define a managerial issue and analyze the situation of the client in light of the concepts of communication and marketing management
– Translate client issues into marketing, strategic, communication and commercial questions
– Identify the elements of the marketing offer (positioning) of the client and their competitors
– Use different analytical tools to solve the client problems and measure marketing performance
– Put into practice the lessons concerning market research (documentary research, qualitative / quantitative interviews, development of interview guidelines and / or questionnaires)
– Raise strategic issues and lines of thought so as to guide the client
– Propose strategic and operational recommendations in a concise and usable manner
– Propose an action plan

Therefore mainly we need to carry out in short a qualitative and quantitative analysis that will include mainly – a study conducted to screen out the list of competitors in the Europe and MENA market
– A strategic analysis to penetrate the competitive market
– the list of potential clients: PHD graduates in Europe and the MENA region, and the research centers/ universities they belong to


Consultancy Mission for Bart & Jones company

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