Conservation of Energy

For this project you will create your own video to demonstrate any one of the concepts covered in Chapters 1-10. (Conservation of Energy) This is similar to the video posts, except you will create your own video. For this project you must submit a video demonstration and a PowerPoint slide presentation discussing the concepts covered in the video. This project is worth 100 points (10% of your grade) You may choose to work in a group to create the video and the PowerPoint presentation or you may choose to complete the project on your own. You might need to find friends to help you with the video. While this project is not due until the end of module 3 it can easily be finished much earlier in the semester, freeing up time toward the end of the semester when more chapters are covered each week. There is no minimum number of slides, however your slides must include the following: a Title slide a complete description of what the video shows. a complete explanation of the science in the video provide any citations (if needed) Either a link to the video, or the video files is uploaded to the assignment as a separate file **** Please note, if I am not able to open and view the video, I will add a comment in the comment section of the assignment grade requesting the video file separately, however I will grade the assignment based upon what I can view. I will update the assignment grade if applicable once I can view the video. I have found the best way to ensure I can view the video is to post it as a YouTube video and include the link in the presentation (embedding the video frequently does not work)