concept of big data

  • Demonstrate how businesses can unravel new and innovative ways of fully leveraging data which can optimize earnings, processes and procedures etc.
  • Establish that investing in big data will help businesses understand their customers better as well as assist them in making informed decisions relating to advertising, product marketing and consumer experience.
  • Investment in big data can act as a differentiator for organizations hoping to build new relationships and solidify existing relationships.
  • Elaborate on how the concept of big data is gradually blurring industry classification and boundaries.
    • Are there instances where the use of big data enhanced a business strategy? Specify examples of established organization(s) will definitely help emphasize the importance of big data.
    • In what ways have big data analytics proven to be the differentiator in maximizing earnings through improved customer experience?
    • How can big data analytics enhance cost reduction and help organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities?
    • How can it promote better decision-making as regards effective launching of new products and services?
    • In computing the Cost Benefit Analysis of acquiring Big Data, is it worth the investment and how can we convince businesses to invest in it?
      • What is all the buzz about Big Data?
      • Is it data that we have always had or is it something entirely new?
      • Is the globalization of the world emphasizing the need to invest in Big Data?
      • Does the analytic of big data a better means of understanding what the customers are asking for.
      • How can businesses leverage the power of analytics to improve decision making throughout the company?

      What roles can big data analytics play in improving product management and efficiency for forward thinking company

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