CompStat or COMPSTAT

15 pages of CompStat and how it affects law enforcement and public administration. You can identify a public policy that Compstat has influenced in the United States and law enforcement. In the paper,  mention, with empirical research articles sources- *The theory of Triangulation as it pertains to IT and must include 1) Methodology/Data collection/data Analysis 2) Theory 3) researchers/codes/interviewers 4)observers 5)respondents/informants (all reflecting Compstat) *2 types of Managing technique systems- Internal and External *Bardach’s Eightfold Path and incorporate Compstat with all 8 steps to proper decision making in law enforcement. It all has to relate to Compstat and law enforcement with empirical articles. At the end of this paper,  the paper to reflect a foundational understanding of the effects of technology in the fields of public administration and criminal justice. The paper to reflect technological advancements and information management challenges in public sector organizations(police departments) as well as the quantitative analysis skills required for data management problems. Finally, how technology and statistics affects the outcomes of public policy programs.