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Computer Applications for Business – Week 8 Assignment

MS Excel: Budget Analysis

Apply your creative thinking and problem-solving skills to design and implement a solution.

NOTE:You will need to use file from the textbook for the assignment: Lab 8-3 Budget Analysis

Part 1:

The workbook provided shows household income and expenses. You will create charts to help analyze your budget.

1.Open the workbook Lab 8-3 Budget Analysis provided and save as CS155Week8LastnameFirstname. Ensure that you use your lastname and firstname.

2.In the budget analysis file change; wages, food, phone, and clothing data for each month. (Leaving these items the same will result in a deduction)

3.Create a chart using the expenses from the budget.

4.Create a second chart using the cash flow data from the budget.

5.The following areas will be part of grading criteria:

Changes to data asked for in Part 1

Ensure the charts created display months and appropriate items from column A

Create a chart from expenses data

Move expense data chart to own sheet

Rename new sheet with expense chart to descriptive title

Create chart title for expense data chart

Create a chart from cash flow data

Move cash flow chart to own sheet

Rename new sheet with cash flow chart to descriptive titles

Create chart title for cash flow chart

Save the file as CS155Week8LastnameFirstname. Ensure that you use your lastname and firstname

Add a footer in left section of sheet named Budget with your name and GIDnumber

NOTE:Charts not required to be pivot charts

Part 2:

In Part 1 you made choices about which type(s) of chart(s) to use to present budget data. What was the rationale behind those selections? How did the data in the Household Expenses pose a special challenge? How might you address that challenge?

Answer Part 2 questions in comments or submission text area when submitting

Save file after completing and submit work by attaching file to week 8 assignment submission area.