Community Project and Course Synthesis Presentation


You should have AT LEAST ONE PARAGRAPH devoted to each of the following topics: 1. The Healthy People 2020 topic and objective you selected. Selected community (city/town name, state) (Diabetes, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) 2. Community demographics (population’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, and income/financial status) Information, and photographs (if available) from your windshield survey. This should include information about housing, public/commercial buildings, public spaces, condition of infrastructure, traffic and public transportation, community and public services, healthcare, education, and other necessary resources. 4. Information gained from key informant interviews in Assignment 1: Community Assessment, Data Analysis, and Community Diagnosis. 5. Describing the organization you worked with for the project 6. Summarizing the intervention(s) you selected to address the topic and objective (including the goals, supporting objectives, lesson plan, and evaluation plan from Assignment 2: Community Evidence-Based Intervention and Evaluation Method), and explaining why you believe your intervention(s) will be successful. Supporting resources should also be included. 7. Timeline for implementation. 8. Individualized definition of community health related to your geographical region from Assignment 1: Community Assessment, Data Analysis, and Community Diagnosis. 9. References