communication class (Media analysis assignment)

What is Stereotype?
Stereotypes are characteristics ascribed to groups of people involving gender, race, national origin and other factors. These characteristics tend to be oversimplifications of the groups involved, however. For example, someone who meets a few individuals from a particular country and finds them to be quiet and reserved may spread the word that all citizens from the country in question are quiet and reserved.
Examples: My father says that television shows such as The Sopranos fuel stereotypes about Italian Americans being involved in organized crime.
A generalization such as this doesnt allow for diversity within groups and may result in stigmatization and discrimination of groups if the stereotypes linked to them are largely negative. That said, even so-called positive stereotypes can be harmful due to their limiting nature Stereotypes and Media Spend a few days cataloging the stereotypes in mass media. Enter your research into a log broken out by the following categories:
(1) Medium of communication (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, or signage/posters); You must also include your sources- TV, Video, Newspaper of magazine. (2) Source (regular content or advertising); (3) Target (race, ethnicity/culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, income, profession, hobby, or appearance); and (4) Connotation (positive or negative). After you have completed your research, analyze the results. 1. What target was most frequently stereotyped in your findings? 2. Did some media of communication indulge in more stereotyping the others? 3. Did regular programming or advertising employ more stereotyping than the other? 4. Were the majority of the stereotypes positive or negative in connotation? 5. Did anything in your research surprise you? Write a paragraph explaining what you learned in this activity. (A paragraph can be five sentences.) Due date is March 6 by 11:59pm
Total Point: 150

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