Cloud Management and Monitoring


This is the task 3 – final part of this paper. For this task, we need to write a 7-8 page Post Implementation paper following the template that I attached. Develop a post-implementation report of your completed project in a narrative format by doing the following: A. Summary: Summarize the actual development of the completed project. B. Review of Other Work: Provide a review of three additional works on your topic (not referenced in task 2) that supported the actual development of this project. Note: These other works may include interviews, white papers, research studies, or other types of work by industry professionals.

C. Changes to Project Environment: Describe the changes made to the project environment by the implementation of your project. D. Methodology: Explain how you applied a standard project management methodology for the implementation of your project. E. Project Goals and Objectives: Explain how some goals and objectives were met and why some goals and objectives for your project were not accomplished. F. Project Timeline: Explain why you did or did not meet the timeframes set for your project, including any differences between the projected dates and the actual completion dates. G. Unanticipated Requirements: Explain any unanticipated requirements or components and how you resolved them. H. Conclusion: Discuss actual results and potential effects of the completed project. I. Project Deliverables: Include artifacts showing evidence of project completion. Note: Possible deliverables may include the following: • code samples or screen shots • flowcharts, UML, or other process diagrams • charts, tables, and graphs • network diagrams (before and after) • training materials • technical IT product itself