Discussion QuestionsThe design discipline continues the modeling process by creating new models and expanding or refining business and requirements models. However, the purpose and nature of modeling changes. Though problematic with respect to updated releases of integrated development environments (IDE) tools, the three-layer design is a very robust and flexible design for a system. Discuss the following questions:Three-layer design defines the responsibilities for the view layer, domain layer, and data access layer classes.Should three-layer design classes be designed by one person, or should each layer be designed by different people with separate knowledge of the view layer, the business logic layer, and the data access layer?Which is more important, getting the overall structure right, or capturing the details for each layer?If the approach is to use three separate people, how do they collaborate to get to a common design and understanding?After the design is complete, can the implementation work be done by different individuals, or should it be done by the person who created the design?Lab Workessential part of analysis and design is to gather information from relevant personnel within the organization those who provide organizational requirements. Without input from these stakeholders, the analysis set of requirements will be incomplete. The end result of the inception phase is to have a set of documents, such as a work breakdown structure, that establishes the vision, scope, business case, schedule, and direction for the balance of the project. Complete the following assignment: Answer Problems and Exercises question 4 on page 284 in Chapter 9.Use the software of your choice to complete this lab.Architectural design is the first step in configuring a new system. Its purpose is to determine the structure and configuration of the new systems various components. Component diagrams show the various executable components of the new system and how they relate to one another. Complete the following assignment:Answer Problems and Exercises question 9 on page 322 in Chapter 10.Use Visio to craft your answer.Note: If you cannot access Visio, you may use alternative software such as DIA, Word, or PowerPoint.Your completed assignment should be at least 2 pages.Save your document(s) with a file name that includes your name, course code, section number, and title.