Christian worldview analysis

.All work must:•Support for major pointsoMajor points are supported by all of the following:Textbook, with in-text citations and reference; and Two articles from peer-reviewed journals, with in-text citations and references; andAn analysis of one’s Christian worldview on to the topic; andGood examples (pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples are acceptable); andThoughtful analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the topic•Clear topic sentences oA clear topic sentences for each paragraph, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence/paragraph is present throughout all of the reply.•APA Format and Spelling/ GrammeroAll in-text citations and references are typed in the APA format. Zero errors are present.oCorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation are used.•Word CountoThe reply is at least 250 original words in length.1.Include the textbook for the course: Werner, J.,