MGMT703: Ethics And Stakeholder Management

MGMT703: Ethics And Stakeholder Management

Offer an analysis of your company, to answer the following:

a) What is the main purpose of your company and how do you believe that it contributes to society? Clearly address stakeholders.

b) Which spheres of Corporate Power are most and least affected by your company?

c) Do you believe that your company is performing well on both dimensions of the social contract? Why or why not?

The Ethics Center Media published a story called, “Down So Long: Helping a Friend with Depression,” which was about two girls, Megan and Amy, who have been best friends since high school and continue to be close as they are roommates in their second year of university. (Simberloff, Schmitz & Brown, 1997). As Amy falls under depression, Megan finds herself in tough situations, unaware of what more she can do to help her friend overcome her problem (Rodda, 2009). The story proposed a question regarding whether Megan should attend a party with a group of friends or not, given that Amy is growing unhappier. Per Simberloff (2009), Applying the three traditions of ethics, appropriate rationalizations and tests and a suitable decision guide, Megan should still go out to the party with her friends, even though Amy is at home unhappy. In terms of the story, according to Megan’s deontological ethics, I would say she should

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