LAWS 3023 Business Law

The bank is contemplating legal action against JB Valuers,according to Laws 3023 business law :

Advise the bank whether it can sue JB Valuers for damages allegedly caused by the valuation report.

JB Valuers denied any liability . Alternatively even if it is liable, there was contributory negligence on the part of the bank.

Assignment Guide

1) This group written assignment will represent 20% of total coursework marks for the current semester.

2) Students are assigned to teams/groups and are required to produce a written assignment.

3) The assignment must be in essay form.

4) Please type the assignment in Microsoft Word document.

5) The cover of the assignment must be in accordance with Appendix II (as attached).

6) The declaration (attached herein as Appendix III) must be duly signed by the group leader and be compiled after the cover page of the assignment.

7) Please adhere to the deadline strictly as no extension of time would be granted. No marks will be awarded for late submission of assignment.

8) Any copying or plagiarism will be reported to faculty Dean and respective University officials.

9) Please ensure there is bibliography or reference to the assignment. The bibliography or eference page should be marked as “APPENDIX A”. It should be compiled as the last page of the assignment.

10) Students are required to refer to relevant statutory provisions and cases in the assignment.

11) Please include any relevant data, facts and materials to substantiate your assignment.