Case Study Questions / Paper 2-3 pages

Case Study Questions Paper 2-3 pages

The intent of these cases is to give the students the opportunity to utilize their writing skills and operation management research that may be required on each case from our textbook. They will require information from our textbook as well as other information sources to answer the questions located at the end of each case. These case papers should be approximately three to four pages in length, must be typed, and doubled spaced. The use of a bibliography at the end of the paper to show the various sources of research information is required. When quoting from one of these various sources use footnotes to indicate the source.
I can do the cover page, need rest of paper for this case study.
A typical paper has:
(A) The cover page showing the title, students name, title of the course and date.
(B) The questions at the end of the case must be typed out and answered.
(C) Bibliography