case study memo 4

case study memo 4

case study memo 4

Review the Case Study Memo for a Technical Problem document below. Read the Case Study and create a memo detailing your findings and suggested solutions. Then choose the “best” solution based on your findings. Please review Chapter 9 of your textbook WRTGR Pages 156 – 157.

Next, write a memo of about 1 to 2 pages to “Tony Wilson, Chief Engineer” your boss. Use Figure 9-1 as your guide for format and layout. Submit to the Assignments link as a Word.doc or PDF document.

Notes and Tips

Use headings and bullets in your memo as appropriate. Remember to use proper memo formattingincluding headers, and single space (Review video short, The Basic Memo). Include a table or figure and label your graphic with a title and caption. See the examples in your textbook (WRTGR Chapter 12). Be sure to “proofread” your memo prior to submission.

Case Study MEMO for a Technical Problem

You work for Polytechnic Consultants as an Engineering Senior Consultant. Tony Wilson, Chief Engineer (your boss), informs you your department’s electronic scales are measuring tolerances inaccurately. You are asked to study the problem and determine solutions.

In your study, you find that one scale (ID #1893) is measuring within 90 percent of tolerance; another scale (ID #1887) is measuring within 75 percent of tolerance; a third scale (ID #1890) is measuring within 60 percent of tolerance; a final scale (ID #1885) is measuring 80 percent of tolerance.

Standards suggest that 80 percent is acceptable. To solve this problem, the company could purchase new scales ($2,000 per scale); reduce the vibration on the scales by mounting them to the floor ($1,500 per scale); or reduce the vibration around the scales by enclosing the scales in plexiglass boxes ($1,000 per scale).

Create a memo to your boss detailing your findings (the problems) and recommendations. Justify your answer and then suggest the BEST solution.