case study for strategy subject

Topic: case study for strategy subject

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Grading will be based on the following:

First part about ( Max 500 words )
1. ( Individual Case Analysis )
Please read the Stretch the Mission case.
Should Helena agree to opening an office in Miami? Why or why not?
Read the comment by Linda Rottenberg on p. 116. Do you agree with her?
Make sure to use the concepts from class in your answers.
—– Maximum 500 words in total —–

Socend part about ( Max 750 words )
Group Assignment
To be done in your usual groups

*Please read the Veja: Sneakers with a Conscience case and answer the following questions:

*What are Veja’s sources of competitive advantage? Identify their main resources and capabilities.

*Analyze Veja’s external context. Use PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces.

*What should Kopp and Morrillion do next?

—– Maximum 750 words——–

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