Case study analysis : the role of external advisor

 Students will adopt the role of external advisor, and prepare a detailed case analysis and recommendation of an organisation (to be announced). This assignment will involve judiciously applying strategy concepts, tools and frameworks from the unit of study to conduct a strategic analysis of the organisation and formulate coherent recommendations. You have been asked by Managing Director Christine Holgate to provide an analysis of Australia Post’s: 1. External environment 2. Most significant resources and capabilities 3. Current strategy (Your analysis of the current strategy (3) is about your opinion, based on your research and analysis, of how Australia Post is currently performing.) 4. Capacity to succeed in the longer term (clear answer here!) Your response to (4) is about making projections – how do you think strategically relevant external factors will change in the future and does Australia Post have the capacity to succeed in these conditions? A clear answer could be an argument that leads to a simple yes or no, or it could include details of the kinds of capacities Australia Post would need to invest in / develop / discard etc. to succeed. 5. She has also asked you to make and justify at least one strategic recommendation that Australia Post should complete in the coming 3 years, to deal with the strategic challenges described in your above analysis To complete this assignment, you should judiciously apply strategy concepts, tools and frameworks from the unit of study (You don’t need to explain the tools or the benefits of using them. Show that you understand them and the benefits and limitations in the way that you use them to interpret the case and research you have done.). You don’t need to allocate the same number of words to each section, it depends on where you need the words. Perhaps the analysis questions require more words and the overall summation questions require less. You also do not need to follow each of the five questions as your structure, but please do choose something logical and signal it both in the prose and with subheadings. Part of the task of the assignment is that you apply the strategic concepts and tools from the unit judiciously, so deciding which tools you should use is part of the task. As is deciding how much information to include from each section of the tool. It is in your judgement to decide what you need to include in order to present an holistic picture of Australia Post’s current and likely future strategic situation.