Carter Cleaning Company

Description 3.3


Carter Cleaning Company Like virtually all the other HR-related activities at Carter Cleaning Centers, the company currently has no organized approach to interviewing job candidates. Store managers, who do almost all the hiring, have a few of their own favorite questions that they ask. But, in the absence of any guidance from management, they all admit their interview performance leaves something to be desired. Similarly, Jack Carter himself is admittedly most comfortable dealing with what he calls the “nuts and bolts” machinery aspect of his business and has never felt particularly comfortable having to interview management or other job applicants. Jennifer is sure that this lack of formal interviewing practices, procedures, and training account for some of the employee turnover and theft problems. Therefore, she wants to do something to improve her company’s performance in this important area. Questions In general, what can Jennifer do to improve her employee interviewing practices? Should she develop interview forms that list questions for management and non-management jobs? If so, how should they look and what questions should be included? Should she initiate a computer-based interview approach? If so, explain why and how. Should she implement an interview training program for her managers, and if so, specifically what should be the content of such a training program? In other words, if she did decide to start training her management people to be better interviewers, what should she tell them and how should she tell it to them?