Career Planning for International Students

Career Planning for International Students
Coursework Assessment 1 (40%)
Personal Career Research Project and Action Plan

For this assignment you are expected to give a 10-15 minute presentation which discusses the expectations of employers from your chosen destination country.

This presentation will include information such as:

1.    The skills employers in your chosen career field expect you to have.
2.    The barriers to employment in your chosen destination country.
3.    The application process which will include a list of documents employers expect you to produce.
Using this information you are expected to produce a full skills audit and produce an action plan to explain how you will develop any areas of weakness.
This will be submitted on Tuesday 24th March, 2015.

Assessment Criteria (equally weighted):
•    Demonstrate awareness of the behavioural requirements of, and barriers within the working environment of the chosen destination country
•    Demonstrate the ability to realistically self-assess through auditing of skills.
•    Present examples of these skills in a structured way to communicate employability
•    Outline a range of learning opportunities which take account of personal learning effectiveness and demonstrate ability to structure development.
•    Show evidence of research using a range of sources

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