Can someone respond to a discussion question?

Can someone respond to a discussion question?Class Though some human behaviors may violate the law, response to these may be rather straight-forward.Other human behaviors simply violate the moral or ethical codes of others. A response may be not as clearly defined.The recent hacking of Ashley Madison may offer an example to some, the users of the service should receive what is coming to them the users may be labeled as cheaters, adulterers, untrustworthy, and threats to sensibility and operational security.To others, the users of the service are a victim no less than those whose data was stolen when Target POS data was breached in 2013. Allegations exist regarding government and military emails within the Ashley Madison data. Some could belong to current criminal justice employees, or others may have enrolled with private emails.Administrators are largely responsible for creating agency codes of conduct and employee standards, and for interpreting these when an employees behavior is called to question.What role should critical thinking, human behavior, and ethics play in the Administrators creation and interpretation of such codes and policies and why?I need reference to support answer.