California’s Realignment policy

 1. Before reading the assigned articles for this week, take some time and see what you can learn about California’s Realignment online through policy materials and/or news media articles. Choose two sources you found that are NOT scholarly articles and provide a short summary about what you learned from them here. Based on these sources, can you answer the following questions? (Be sure to provide reference listings at the end of your post.) • What is California’s Realignment policy (AB 109)? • Why was it developed? • What is/was expected of it and has that come about? 2. After reading the two assigned scholar articles on California’s Realignment policy (AB109), respond to the questions below, citing the articles throughout. 1) What more did you learn about what CA’s realignment is and how it came about in these articles that you didn’t learn from the two online sources you found and discussed in the first discussion forum? 2) What are the effects of CA’s realignment on crime as presented in these two articles? 2a) What research was done to determine this?> 3) What other effects has it had or could it have? 4) Based on what you have read, do you think this is a “good” solution? If so, why? If not, why not?