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1. Single Interest Groups include all but the ________ lobby (Points: 1)





2. Adversarial stances toward the White House are most pronounced in the (Points: 1)

wire services and the daily newspapers

elite press and TV networks

radio and daily newspapers

TV networks and wire services

3. PACs grew out of congressional legislation designed to (Points: 1)

encourage more corporate political involvement.

encourage more labor-union political involvement.

encourage more citizen involvement in politics.

curb the influence of big money in politics.

4. The theory that states conflicted interest groups balance one another out is
the theory of (Points: 1)

countervailing powers

pluralist basis of democracy


interest group strength

5. The polls that measure the presidential “popularity” actually measure (Points: 1)

of they think the president is popular

if they are satisfied with the way things are going

if they like the President

how the President is handling his job

6. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are examples of (Points: 1)

the unwise mixing of public and private funds.

too much government help and protection.

negative unforeseen consequences.

government creating interest groups.

7. The decentralization of US parties means that candidates do all of the
following except: (Points: 1)

raise their own funds

ignore party demands

utilize TV to win

build up parties

8. Which of the following is true? (Points: 1)

Few reporters are equipped to cover complex stories.

The wire services are too slow.

Most media try to provide background and analysis.

The public wants more background and analysis.

9. In political science, “salience” refers to (Points: 1)

the degree to which issues affect public opinion

whether an item is salutary for the political system

degree of salinity

the degree to which public opinion affects issues

10. Ownership of the major mass media indicates a(n) (Points: 1)





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