busn 491 discussion board week 2

This week you have the opportunity to consider different business models, and what type of product or service you would like to offer to consumers. This is your opportunity to consider gaps in the market, unserved needs, and improvements in processes that make peoples’ live better. It’s very important to gather customer data in some fashion. Look at primary sources, which include direct customer feedback, as well as secondary sources, which would be online secondhand surveys and data.

– 250-300 words

– Effectual Entrepreneurship (2nd ed., 2017) by Read, Sarasvathy, Dew, & Wiltbank. Publisher: Routledge (Paperback ISBN: 9781138923782; E-book ISBN: 9781315684826)

From SCORE Business Plan: https://bit.ly/33pCP7W

  • Your Product or Service Description Worksheet (Section III); also
  • Your Competitor Analysis Worksheet (Section IV)


  • Skim Part 2 of “Effectual Entrepreneurship” text: How entrepreneurs think
  • Skim Chapters 6-9