Business Writing: Create a Table and a Bar Chart (Word Document)

Use the information following these guidelines to complete assignment. – Complete, as a Word document, both the table and the bar chart. – Create each graphic on a separate page in your Word document by inserting the appropriate page break (do not use the Enter key to achieve this). – Label each graphic appropriately so that it is easily identified. Size your graphic so that it presents nicely on the page. – While you may create your graphic in a different software application and paste it into – – Word, I would recommend that you use Word, which has the capability to create these items. Bert Lang is an investment banker at Country Commercial Bank, as noted in this chapter’s beginning scenario. He is writing a proposal to a potential client, Sylvia Light, a retired public health nurse. She now has $315,500 in savings allocated as follows: $78,000 in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA); $234,000 in a low-earning certificate of deposit (CD); and $3,500 in her checking account. Sylvia contacted Bert, asking him to help her organize her portfolio for a comfortable retirement. Bert has studied Sylvia’s various accounts and considered her lifestyle and expenditures. Now, he is ready to write the proposal. Bert plans to propose that Sylvia could reallocate her funds as follows: $110,000 in an annuity $78,000 in an IRA $45,000 in municipal bonds $37,000 in a stock fund $42,000 in CDs $3,500 in a checking account To make this proposal visually appealing and more readily understandable to Sylvia, Bert will use visual aids. Assignment: – Create a table to show how he wants to invest her money. – Create a bar chart comparing her current allocations versus his proposed allocations.