Business models and innovation

 Master thesis on the topic of business models and innovation written in proficient academic language. It needs the following sections: Data collection: how data was collected for this paper (primary/secondary) (reflect on reliability and validity of the data that has been used, and explain why it is/why it isnt x) Literature review (review of extant literature on the subject) Theoretical background (not necessary, but if any theories applied they can be introduced and explained in this section or can be together with literature review/analysis depending on writer preference) Analysis (preferably case study, other options are ok, please consult me with your thoughts) Discussion (discuss findings and analysis) Conclusion (self explanatory) Content distribution i would deem perhaps something like Data collection 5% Literature review 20% Theory 5% Analysis 35% Discussion 35% Conclusion 5% But this is just my thoughts, i trust the writers judgement on the structure and writing for a overall good thesis paper. Dont worry about Introduction I believe i would be able to make it make myself, as that is usually made at the end anyway. The overall paper needs to be based on a problem statement and has to aim towards giving an answer to the set problem statement that has been given. I give you full reign on making a proper problem statement for this thesis within the given topic of business models/innovation/entrepreneurship. Optional ideas for theory/literature/topics that can be brought up relevant for my study would be: Internationalization theories, business strategy, leadership, decisions, culture, business model fit to market, culture etc. To look as authentic as possible i would prefer if analysis will revolve around a DANISH company(there are many big ones that can be found through google) but if not, american/international companies are ok.