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Business Management
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1.I would also like to mention securing new technology efforts in the workplace with training the employees securing the opportunities for further advancements within the company. This not only is a benefit to a global organizations but one who are domestic. It boosts employee morale, empowers and strengthens the organizational work force aligning them for the future.
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2.Very nicely detailed response. You mentioned product customization as one of the considerations for MNCs. This is a very valid point, as is your point in regard to the Forex. However, as we had discussed previously, there are mechanisms in place which can mitigate issues with exchange rate fluctuation. One thing that you did not mention as a consideration for risk assessment is the supply chain. Depending on the location of the new location, a breakdown in the supply chain could be very costly.
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Discussion Question:
Part 1: Discuss the strategic value of personnel training and development. What are the implications for the MNC?
Part 2: Look back on your work for the assignments in this course and reflect on the problems and recommendations related to the organizations expanding their operations globally. How do the risk assessments and recommendations for the global organizations compare to domestic organizations?

Coaching provides a prime opportunity to flourish the understanding of all workers, but many companies find the growth possibilities expensive. Employees also miss out on execute time while participating services, which may delay the completing tasks. Despite the potential disadvantages, training and growth provides both the organization as a whole and the individual workers with benefits that make the cost and time a beneficial financial commitment.
Addressing Weaknesses
Most workers have some flaws in their office abilities. A system allows you to enhance those abilities that each worker needs to improve. A growth system brings all workers to an advanced level so they all have similar abilities and information. This helps any poor links within the organization who rely intensely on others to complete primary execute tasks. Providing the necessary training makes an overall experienced team with workers who can take over for one another as needed, execute on groups or execute individually without continuous help and guidance from others.
Improved Employee Performance
a worker who gets the necessary training is better able to execute her job. She becomes more conscious of protection methods and proper techniques for primary tasks. It may also build the worker’s assurance because she has a more powerful understanding of the market and the required her job. This assurance may push her to execute even better and think of new ideas that help her succeed. Ongoing training also keeps your workers on the innovative of market improvements. Employees who are qualified and on top of changing market requirements help your organization hold a position as a leader and strong opponent within the market.
An organized training and growth system guarantees that workers have a consistent experience and history. The reliability is particularly relevant for the organization’s primary policies and techniques. All workers need to be conscious of the objectives and techniques within the organization. This includes protection, elegance and management tasks. Putting all workers through regular learning these areas guarantees that all employees at least have exposure to the information.
Employee Satisfaction
Employees with accessibility training and growth programs have the advantage over workers in other companies who are left to seek out training possibilities on their own. The financial commitment in training that a organization makes shows the workers they are respected. It makes a helpful office. Employees may get accessibility training they wouldn’t have otherwise known about or desired out themselves. Employees who experience respected and pushed through training possibilities may experience more fulfillment toward their jobs (Sims, 1998).
Social Barriers
One of the issues many companies run into when going international is cultural limitations. What offers well in one nation may not actually offer well in another. If you do not consider the lifestyle of the nation you are growing into, it could jeopardize. Some nations might take violation to your promotion initiatives or your items. Organizations must perform researching the industry before going into another nation.
Forex Exchange
Another prospective issue when growing worldwide is Forex issues. The value of your nation’s currency can harm your capability to business with other nations. If you are purchasing resources from another nation, you want your currency to be powerful. However, when promoting items to another nation, a poor currency can help you improve product sales. Since Forex prices go up and down regularly, this can be a resource of issues for many companies (Storey, 1999).
In some situations, you may run into regulating issues. Countries often take part in free business contracts that create it simpler for companies to offer to other nations. Other nations create it challenging on suppliers to shift into their area. You may have to pay uncommonly high charges or taxation throughout the procedure, which can put your item at a drawback. Organizations will have to evaluate whether the stress of shifting into certain nations is value it (Leary, 2004).
Product Customization
When promoting to another nation, you may find it necessary to personalize your items. For example, you may need to put brands on your items that are published in other ‘languages’. If you have a restricted price range, this can be challenging. Product personalization is expensive and requires additional time to apply. If you have a international product, you may not need to personalize anything, but without enough promotion, this can be difficult to accomplish.


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