BUS 311 Week 4 Quiz

This pack of BUS 311 Week 4 Quiz consists of:

1. A tax levied on a consumer who uses goods within a state, as opposed to buying them within the state is known as:

2. Employees have the right to vote for union leadership in democratically held elections.

3. The name under which a firm does its business is considered a:

4. In cases where there is the need to determine whether a person or business has violated the copyright of another, courts use the substantial infringement test.

5. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act makes it a federal crime to monitor e-mail when a person is at work.

6. The Act passed by Congress that created a moratorium on taxing ISPs on the services they provide to computer users is known as the

7. A federal agency responsible for administering to laws prohibiting discrimination in employment is the

8. Use taxes are extremely difficult to collect on small items sold on the Web; therefore most states do not make an effort to collect it.

9. The owner of a trademark must try to protect it by following all of the following rules except one:

answer: never identify the trademark

10. Laws that prohibit speech, but that would be constitutionally acceptable, include all of the following except:

11. The name of the statute that makes it a federal crime to monitor e-mail during real time is known as:

12. A federal agency responsible for administering to laws relating to labor unions is the:

13. Fair use applies when the copyrighted material is copied without authorization for use in connection with all of the following except

14. Instructions hidden in software with the potential to cause significant damage to both hardware and software are known as

15. Software that can change a computer’s security settings or steal a victim’s personal information, such as e-mail addresses is known as

16. An agreement in which an employee agrees not to work in similar employment is known as a

17. The term that describes the design of workplaces so as to promote safety and health is

18. A process in which a neutral third party meets with the disputants in order to have them come to some form of settlement agreement is known as

19. The federal agency created to promote safety and health in the workplace is the

20. The place where a corporation sells its securities to the public is known as the: primary market

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