Burke – Rhetoric of Motives – Identification

* Burke – Rhetoric of Motives – Identification 

* Burke – Rhetoric of Motives – Identification (Just the introduction, and then pages 19 – 26 are required. Pages 1 – 18 give a lengthy example of identification in action, but it is not necessarily needed to understand the concept, so these pages are optional.) hen, write a 2 page (double spaced) reflection in which you critically analyze the reading, just like we did with the last reading assignment. If you are having trouble getting started, here are some questions to consider: What is “identification” to Burke? If you had to make a definition, what would it be? Why is this concept important? How can it be used? How does it relate to other material/discussions from class or readings? If you could, “talk back” to Burke, what might you say? Do you have any questions for him? If you are still having trouble with this reading, try skimming through the following link, it may help your understanding: http://ac-journal.org/journal/vol1/iss3/burke/quigley.html