budget of the media

budget of the media

After the creative brief has been done, it’s time to buy media for a three month campaign. Your task is to buy media, using a budget of (virtual) $5,000,000.- and to allocate this.
Please read the case study of ‘Jack in the box’ and answer the following questions.
1) Give an allocation of the budget of the media you use to let consumers participate in the brand, based on the following data.

These are all for a three month campaign at the threshold level required to be effective by medium. Based on national coverage below are the campaign costs, GRP’s and average reach/frequency. For example, TV will reach 95% of target at an average of 10.5 times over the campaign period.

TV $ 12,500K, 1000 GRP’s, R/F 95%/10.5
Radio $ 750K, 1600 GRP’s, R/F 75%/21.3
Newspaper $ 12,200K, 780 GRP’s, R/F 65%/12
Magazines $ 400K, 280 GRP’s, R/F 70%/4
Billboards $ 900K, 2100 GRP’s, R/F 80%/26
Bus boards $ 600K, 2100 GRP’s, R/F 80%/26
Online $ ????

2) Elaborate on the media buying strategy. Make sure to relate this to the target group of ‘Jack in the Box’.

3) 3) Include one type of social medium you use, including the cost, it’s reach, it’s frequency, or any other relevant measure (see Chapter 5 and 12 Tuckwell, and the CMDC report). Elaborate on the reasons of this deployment of social media and the results. You can get these from the text (Chapter 12), the CMDC report and your own research. Please create a media blocking chart of the media use of Jack in the box, based on the data above. I recommend you to use Excel for this. You can use the examples in the appendices as a reference.
Submission requirements:
– All Submissions are due to me in hard copy on the Due date indicated.
– All assignments should be in 12 pt Times New Roman, 1 ½ spacing.
– Maximum amount of words: 1500
– Late assignments will be penalized 5% per day. Assignments more than 2 weeks late will not be accepted.