British literature from 1780s to now

Dr. C. Judd/Spring 2014

English 212/Section R:  British Literature 1790s-present

Tu/Th 2-3:15 MM 112


Each Entry: These are 1-2 page casual writings on the material you have been reading on or near that entry’s due date.


Description: This serves as an introduction to British writers from 1780s to the present. Plan to pay special attention to matters such as literary theory, issues of canon formation, and gender and literary production. Requirements include mandatory attendance at all class meetings, 1-2 page journal entries that will also serve as in-class presentations, a mid-term and a final, and one 5-7 page research papers. Final Grade:  Student final grades for this course will be factored as:

Book List:

1790s-1829 ROMANTICISM

  1. 1.       English Romantic Poets ed. Stanley Appelbaum (Dover Thrift #0-486-29282-7) R
  2. 2.       The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano (any edition) R



  1. 3.       Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte
  2. 4.       Sketches by Boz Charles Dickens (Penguin preferred) V
  3. 5.       English Victorian Poetry ed. Paul Negri (Dover 0-486-40425-0) V
    1. 6.       Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde (any edition) V

1890S-1920 MODERNISM

  1. 7.       Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad (any edition) M
  2. 8.       Dubliners James Joyce (any editon) M




Week 1

Tu 1/14: Introduction: Democratic Revolutions (Shelley “Song Men of England”149; “England 1819” 150; Blake “London”8; “Songs of Experience: Introduction”4; “I saw a chapel”10)

Th 1/16: Democratic Revolutions (Blake “The Tyger” 7 “And did those feet in ancient time”22; Wordsworth “The Prelude” Book XI 47-48; “On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic” 40; “The World is too much with us” 51; Coleridge “The Dungeon” 62)

Tu 1/21: Democratic Revolutions  (Byron “Darkness” 127 “On this Day I Complete” 143; Shelley “Ozymandias” 147 “Stanzas Written in Dejection” 147)

Th 1/23: Retreat (Coleridge “Frost at Midnight” 100; Wordsworth “Solitary Reaper” 42 “Lines Composed . . .Tintern Abbey” 25)

Journal Entry #1 DUE (use dates above for journal date )

Tu 1/28: Abolition First ½ Equiano;  Wordsworth “To Toussaint L’Ouverture 40; Blake “The Little Black Boy” 3)

Th 1/30: Abolition Second ½ Equiano; [Victorian Reader Martineau and Dickens on slavery pp281-287]

Tu 2/4: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 1-9

Th 2/6 Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 10-16

[ Journal #2 DUE]

Tu 2/11: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 17-24

Th 2/13: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 25-END

Tu 2/18: Byron “Don Juan”: I, cc-cciii 138-139; “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” [Ocean] 136-138; “She Walks in Beauty” 114-5; “The Girl of Cadiz” 113; DISCUSS MID-TERM & PAPER #1 TOPICS

Th 2/20: Keats“Ode to a Nightingale” 216 “When I have fears” 228 “Ode on Melancholy” 223 “On the Sea” 227-8 “Lines on the Mermaid Tavern” 221

Journal #3 DUE


Th 2/27: Sketches by Boz  Charles Dickens (from “Scenes”: ‘The Streets—Morning’ 69; ‘The Streets—Night’ 74; ‘Gin-Shops’ 214; ‘The Pawnbroker’s Shop’ 220)

Tu 3/4: Sketches by Boz Charles Dickens (from “Scenes”: ‘Criminal Courts’ 229; ‘A Visit to Newgate’ 234)

Th 3/6: Victorian Poets  (Tennyson “Mariana” 2; “The Lady of Shalott” 4; Browning “My Last Duchess” 49; “Porphyria’s Lover” 53 Hood “Song of the Shirt” 40-2; “The Bridge of Sighs” 43-5)

Journal #4 DUE

Tu 3/18: Victorian Poets (Barrett Browning “Cry of the Children” xerox; “To George Sand” [both sonnets] 99; C Rossetti “A Triad” 155; “A Birthday” 155; “Remember” 156; “Song” 159;   [from Victorian Reader Friedrich Engels “Child Labor in the Mines” 67-69)]

Th 3/20: Victorian Poets (DG Rossetti “The Sea-Limits” 148; Swinburne “The Garden of Proserpine” 178-81; Arnold “Dover Beach” 114) [optional reading: Victorian Reader “The Pre-Raphaelites” pp 574-85]

Tu 3/25: Victorian Poets (Tennyson “The Lotos-Eaters” 8; Hopkins “God’s Grandeur” 195; “Spring” 195; “The Windhover” 196; “Pied Beauty” 197)

Th 3/27: Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde (all)

Journal #5 DUE


Tu 4/1: Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad (first 1/3)

Th 4/3: Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad (second 1/3)

Tu 4/8: : Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad (third 1/3)

Th 4/10: Intro. to Joyce and Modernism; DISCUSS FINAL AND PAPER #2; Journal #6 DUE

Tu 4/15: Dubliners James Joyce “The Sisters”; “An Encounter”; “The Dead”; “Eveline”; “After the Race”; “Two Gallants”

Th 4/17: Dubliners James Joyce “The Boarding House”; “A Little Cloud”; “Counterparts”; “Clay”; “A Painful Case”

Tu 4/22: Dubliners James Joyce “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”; “A Mother”; “Grace”

Th 4/24: Dubliners James Joyce: “The Dead”

 Journal #7 DUE

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