Breast Cancer Research Paper: A Biology Research Paper Sample

Breast Cancer Informative Essay Writing

It is not a surprise to find a seventy-year-old man or a fifteen-year-old girl with breast cancer. In our current society, breast cancer cases are on the rise. Besides that, they are affecting both genders at any age in their lives. It has created a sense of urgency all over the world. Writers have begun to write multiple articles on this subject. Among them, is the breast cancer informative essay.

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Definition of Breast Cancer

Before you even begin writing your breast cancerinformative essay, it is essential to understand the meaning of breast cancer. Breast cancer refers to the condition where multiple cells start to grow in the breast region. The cells do not grow at a steady rate, but often out of control. As a result, a begins to form in that region. It is only felt as a lump and identified using an x-ray.

Informative Essay Introduction

For you to write a significant breast cancer informative essay, you will need to follow some guidelines. One of them is the format of the informative essay introduction. An excellent opening captivates a reader to continue reading your entire paper. The one aspect they consider the most before reading the whole essay is the hook.

A great catch will leave the audience anticipating what to expect in the body. You can use appropriate quotes from famous people, pose relevant questions, or share breast cancer incidences that relate to you or a person you know. After that, consider generating a specific thesis statement. It means that a reader should know right from the start that you are discussing breast cancer and not any other type of cancer. Keep your opening brief, catch, and straightforward.

Cancer Essay Introduction

Now, your breast cancer informative essay is different from a cancer essay. Therefore the cancer essay introduction should also be different. The opening should have a hook that focuses on cancer. Unlike in our informative article, it should not specify whether it is breast, lung, or cervical cancer. Explain it from the broad scope of the disease. Consequently, the thesis statement should reflect that the writer will talk about cancer. Avoid complicated terms that may tend to confuse the reader, who may end up misinterpreting the central message.

Tips for an Informative Essay

Whether you are writing a breast cancer informative essay or any other, there are several tips you need to keep in mind. They could be your downfall or salvation.

Tip 1;

Before you begin writing your article, ensure you research. Breast cancer or domestic violence may sound as common issues that people understand. As a result, you may then opt to draw arguments from your opinions. It is mere storytelling. Use content from credible sources to form your examples and justifications.

Tip 2;

Always present the latest research on the issue. Although using analysis from old times may be essential, it could prove outdated. The current study is crucial to help identify trends and change patterns for the question at hand.


It is always advisable to select a concept that will help readers view the theme from a different angle, or help result in the course of action. Have a goal for writing your composition. It is essential for your conclusion to have a statement that proposes a change.

Tip 4;

Never submit your work without analyzing it. You may identify grammar and spelling errors. Besides that, you may encounter repetitive ideas or weak points.

These tips for an informative essay will help you ace your composition.

The conclusion of Breast Cancer Essay

A rare breast cancer informative essay tends to have a firm ending. In your conclusion, you should include a call for action. To attain this, ensure you summarize the main arguments of your breast cancer piece. It helps the reader grab the central message you are conveying, just in case they forgot what was in the body.

Besides that, it is advisable to have a clincher. A clincher is a concluding statement that reflects a fact or argument that settles a matter conclusively. For example, referring to breast cancer, a writer might indicate why prevention against breast cancer risk factors is better than cure.

Essay on Cancer Prevention

Besides abreast cancer informative essay, you may also write an essay on cancer prevention. The goal of such a piece is to create awareness of the measures to take to prevent acquiring cancer. It is essential to relate each preventive behavior to the type of cancer it causes. For example, regulating the number of cigarette packs one smokes would help prevent acquiring lung cancer. The article should be specific and contain information from valid sources.

Cancer is a menace that can attack anyone. Regardless of the age, gender, health stock, race, or any other factor, it is vital to creating awareness about breast cancer. One way to do this is through writing a breast cancer informative essay.

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