Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering.

•     6 pages double spaced-(6 pages research paper, 1 page abstract)
•    6-8 sources
at least 1 peer reviewed journal articles is required
o    .com websites are strongly discouraged (Wikipedia type sites)•    Follow the guidelines for how to create an APA style paper that were

discussed in class (including your heading, running head, numbering, title page, abstract, and reference page)

Your purpose with this paper is to create a research based essay that will not only help you choose a topic, but will help you choose appropriate

sources for such a paper.  We’ve talked extensively in class about choosing/using sources for your papers as well as your audience.  Your audience

will be me (unless you talk to me and want to choose a different audience) so make sure to explain and help me understand your topics and your

research.  You will evaluate and then use your sources to support your thesis, so make sure you understand them and can discuss them in your paper.

Intro- (attention grabber, story, stat, quote, etc.), background info, thesis statement
Body-Main paragraphs on your research. Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and only what you say you will talk about in that topic sentence

is included in your par. Remember to use transitions as well.
Conclusion- Reword thesis and bring your paper to close. Bring elements of your intro full circle w/out restating and retelling what you just said.

general information about biomedical Engineering.
some example:
why student should choose biomedical as their major?
what job would be offered after graduating?
what kind of study is the major?
You are required to submit a 1,000-word essay, demonstrating ability in written English, research and referencing.

Your essay needs to include correct and consistent in-text references and a bibliography at the end. Refer to the essay guidelines and marking

criteria for full details.

Biomedical Engineering

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