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CSS150-1502B-01 Introduction to Computer Security Phase 4 IP Assignment

se the following instructions to successfully complete your assignment:

Use the labs link that was provided by Words of Wisdom by using your own passcode. By now, you should have received the link and the passcode in a separate e-mail.
To complete lab 7, access and complete the lab activities under topic 4: Using Encryption to Enhance Confidentiality and Integrity.
To complete lab 8, access and complete the lab activities under topic 4: Performing a Web Site and Database Attack by Exploiting Identified Vulnerabilities.
For each lab (lab 7 and lab 8), complete the following:
Read the lab manual very carefully, and familiarize yourself with the assignment scenarios and other instructions before accessing the virtual lab environment.
Watch the video that is associated with each lab.
Access the lab environment, and complete all of the lab activities.
Complete the assessment worksheet assignment template for both labs, and send them to your instructor for grading.
Please submit your assignment.

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