Benchmark – Language Disabilities and Assistive Technology Unit Plan


Assignment: Use the “ELA Mini‐Unit Template” to complete this assignment. Part 1: Student Goal Write a measurable reading comprehension goal for Stephanie’s IEP. Within the goal, incorporate an alternative and augmentative communication system to support her communication and learning. Part 2: Mini‐Unit Compose a mini‐unit of three ELA lesson plans for the general education classroom that incorporates your ELA standards for teaching reading comprehension to fifth graders. For each lesson plan include differentiated activities and assessments for Stephanie that use the AAC system identified in Part 1 to allow her to access the curriculum and address her measurable IEP goal. Part 3: Rationale Provide a 250‐500 word rationale that explains how your mini‐unit instructional choices are developmentally appropriate for teaching the content standards, and how the differentiated activities and assessment will allow Stephanie to meet her goal and fully access the curriculum. Address how your accommodations and differentiation create a supportive learning environment that encourages self‐advocacy, increases independence, and emphasizes safe and ethical use of information and technology for Stephanie. Support your rationale with 2‐3 scholarly resources on best practices regarding semantics/language disorders and the use of assistive technology.