Background History on Microsoft and Apple Inc

Backgorund History on Microsoft and Apple Inc

Continue to work on the Course Project.

This week you should do some deeper research on the history of the two companies and then write a paper that tells me what you have learned.

What do they have in common? How are the businesses different? This will take some deep digging. A little “ancient history” is fine but you should concentrate on the last ten years. Discuss competition further and competitive advantages and disadvantages. You should go well beyond what you discussed on these topics in Week 1. Do not reuse that material. This paper should NOT be a duplicate of your previous paper.


Note: You may do a SWOT analysis as well. If you do not know what a SWOT analysis is, look at You may also do a PEST analysis, which is in the link. You may also look at and use Porters 5 forces model at

Your paper should be 2,000 words or more of your own written material. A cover page and reference page in APA format is required, but not part of the page count.

Important: Plagiarism is not tolerated. Your papers go through a plagiarism verification evaluation when submitted and you can review the report. Scores under 20% are not an issue. Scores above 20% but below 50% may have their grade reduced at the Professor’s discretion based on the amount and actual material copied or plagiarized and this may be significant. Papers with a score above 50% will receive a zero score. Learn to paraphrase quoted material. Learn to use proper citations. Quoted material must be cited correctly.

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