Assignment 1 Academic Essay

This first assignment (exercise) will get you thinking critically and applying module topics to real-world case scenarios. This assignment will also help you realize that no one ethical theory is perfect. The medical community and medical professional often use a combination of many theories in determining the correct action to take.

Case Scenario 1: It has become necessary to ration a vaccine for a contagious disease. There is only enough vaccine available to cover 75% of the U.S. population. It is necessary to determine an appropriate method for doing this. Analyze this case by applying each of the theories of Utilitarianism, Rights-based, Justice-based and Virtue-based ethics as discussed in Module 2. (20 points).

Case Scenario 2: Use the Three-Step Ethics Model (Blanchard-Peale). Analyze the following case (20 points):

A student who knows that two other students who sit next to each other in class are cheating on exams because they talk about it after class.

Is this an ethical dilemma? Explain.
Is it legal? Explain.
Is it balanced? Explain.
How does it make you feel? Explain

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