assess the following statement from the perspective of a realism idealism feminism and constructivism address the likelihood of success from each perspective

Quiz 1: Community Security

Assess the following statement from the perspective of a realism, idealism, feminism and constructivism. Address the likelihood of success from each perspective. Finally, explain which perspective you would choose if you needed to take action. You must choose one, but you can leave room for doubt.

No one state or organization can solve the problem of human trafficking. The struggle against human trafficking requires a coalition of national, international, and transnational actors.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

Quiz 2. Week7

As always, we will start by reviewing your state. This week we will use the Fragile States Index by the Fund for Peace.

1. Access the Fragile States(Kenya) Index here (it may take a few seconds to load): (Choose your state by changing the dropdown)

Score the following – here is information on the indicators:

2. What is the Security Apparatus Score?

3. What is the factionalized elites score?

4. What is the Group grievance score?

5. What is the economic decline score?

6. What is the uneven economic development score?

7. What is the human flight and brain drain score?

8. What is the state legitimacy score?

9. What is the public services score?

10. What is the human rights and rule of law score?

11. What is the demographic pressures score?

12. What is the refugees and IDP’s score?

13. What is the internal intervention score?

Review these scores and our lessons on Political Security. Use 4-5 sentences to identify the challenges you see for your state and some of the strengths. If you see no strengths, explain what you think can be done to move the state to become more politically secure.


1. What is the impact of the Syrian civil war on political security both within Syria, regionally, and globally?Review the material that we have covered this session on Syria. **Last week’s lesson has a whole section at the end!

2. Describe and evaluate the various initiatives developed by states, non-state actors, and intergovernmental organizations to enhance human security. In other words, what is currently being done, by who, and how effective has it been?

3. What, if any, role should a military play in fostering/building, etc. human security?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


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Feel free to use other sources.