art assignment 26

1) Go to Joseph E Davies Collection online

click explore art

in left hand column click collections search

type in Joseph E. Davies in white box

This will bring up the collection of paintings. Davies was a collector. The paintings are by several artists.

Browse this Soviet Socialist Realism Painting collection and explore the political and national themes of this art movement. Write down and submit your observations about the political and national themes of the work. Cite any articles used. It is the series of paintings you are looking at to discuss.

(I need number 1 in at least four hours however, it is okay if you help me with number two tomorrow)

2) 1. Tell me the years in which Postwar Modern Art and Postmodern Art periods happened.

2. What are the characteristics of the 2 different periods of art (postwar modern and postmodernism)? List any similarities? List any differences?

3. What are some of the art movements of each period if any and name some artists of those movements as major examples?