Description The topics under discussion for ECOSOC are: I. Engaging Youth in Building Partnerships for Sustainable Development II. Reducing Global Inequality Framing the issue. Narrowing in on the problems that you want to solve within the topic 1 or 2 concise statistics demonstrating the scope of the problem Anything that you bring up here must be addressed in your solutions section–do not include problems that you don’t intend to solve! A sentence about Armenia commitment to the problem Don’t include: How Armenia, in particular, has been impacted (probably) Any actions that have been taken to address the problem Accusations against other countries This is not a history lesson–only put the scope of the problem today, or how it has grown. The forces that have created the problem are irrelevant unless they’re part of your solution What has been done? Relevant SDGs Note foundational documents (ex: Int’l Declaration of Human Rights, UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People) Highlight resolutions that have addressed or shaped the problem A BRIEF explanation of successes in addressing the problem: Ideally, Armenia action. If not, prioritize in this order: (EU, North America, NATO, Central American, etc); Global action from UN or NGO; Continental action in Armenia; Action of individual countries; Continental action of other continents. Solution Start broad, zoom in, and then finish with more sweeping statements Make sure that you’re directly addressing the problem from the first para DON’T suggest the formation of new agency/entity Action must be within the mandate of committee and powers of the United Nations Include funding if you can